Wedding Photography - Different Vendors & Why we are Different.

July 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Today I will continue to try to answer the question, why is wedding photography so damn expensive? I will be looking at other wedding vendors and why it is hard to compare us to each other.

In short, we literally spend all day at your wedding by your side. Most other vendors will drop off, set up, and return later to rake down and pick up their stuff. And, once the wedding is over, their work for your wedding is over. When it comes to photography, it is a bit different. We need to be present for the entire day, and we need to be constantly ready. The most memorable moments often come when no one is expecting them. Another difference is that for most vendors, their work ends when the wedding ends. Whereas for us, our work is really just beginning.

Perhaps the most significant difference, however, is that our product lasts well past the end of the last song. Long after the flowers have wilted, the dress has been packed for storage, the cake eaten, and the decorations taken down, you will have our photos. In fact, wedding photos often outlast the marriage. Case in point, we still have my grandparent's wedding photo. This point is so important to me that the lasting impact of high-quality wedding photography will be the subject of my next post in this series.


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