Wedding Photography - Time

July 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

In this post, I will continue to answer the question, why are wedding photographers so damn expensive? Today we will be talking about time. Wedding photography, especially high-quality wedding photography, takes a lot of time.

At Maple Bacon Photography, we have two photographers working a full day, often 15 or more hours each. But, it is more than just the time we spend at your wedding that we need to account for.

There is usually about four hours of prep work the day before, batteries need to be charged, lenses cleaned, venues scouted, and logistics planned. The majority of moments at any wedding happen only once, can't be replicated, and happen fast. Think about your first kiss at the ceremony; that is a can't miss moment, and it would be a terrible time to discover a smudge on a lens or to have a battery die. When you invest in your wedding photography with Maple Bacon Photography, you are investing in professionals who make sure they get the big moments

Finally, there is the time we spend working after the wedding day, and this is where the bulk of our time is spent. We will spend forty to fifty hours uploading and organizing photos, then editing those photos for a typical wedding. This part of the process is rarely seen and seldom talked about, but it is crucial.

All in our team spends approximately 85 hours working on any one wedding.

In my next post in this series, I will talk about what separates photographers from other vendors.


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